Chem Student Info Due to COVID-19

Hello Chemistry students for 2019-2020.

As you know we are not currently sitting in the classroom expanding our knowledge of chemistry.  Your families and our communities health comes first, and that is why we are not having school for the next 2 weeks.  The best decisions are being made with what information we currently have.  To that effect I am going to be posting assignments like I would normally do, to the Chem Calender as we were still on a normal schedule.  I am currently assuming that all students will return to class on 3/30/20.  I will be also be posting all CQ and practice sheets to the links and documents page(please only print pages we are currently working on, and we will not be going in order).  These assignments are not madatory, but definitely encouraged so that we can get through the remainder of the semester successfuly.  I also recognize that some of the concepts are difficult so I am working on getting some video links to help you until we get together, and will try to name them based on the CQ they are related to.

To save time and simplify, I will be posting all links to Chemistry links and Docs, NOT to Honors  Chemistry links and docs.( they would be the same links.)

Be safe, stay healthy and practice social distancing so that we can do our part to help, and get things back to normal as soon as possible.  Can't wait to see you all.

Mr. Densmore


Not only will I have the website and links available, but the school sent out a mass email with a link to Google teacher folders.  I will have the chemquests, skills practice and video links there as well. 

If you didnt get it, here is the link;

Be well, stay safe!

Mr. Densmore


We are still out of school for at least another 2 weeks.  The target date to return is tentatively 4/14/20 after Easter/Spring holiday.  Please look at either my google folder in the teacher resources from the mingus homepage popup( or link above, this website or the new best way to keep up with chem is to join my Google Classroom.  Please check your email and you should find invites.  If you don't, please email me and I'll resend it.  NEW material and links are being posted weekly!

Stay safe and healty!


As most of you have heard, Governor Ducey has completely closed schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

This means that for now, these assignment are still voluntary.   For the students that are hoping to gain the knowledge that is being missed during the closure.  You may still find the CQ and skills practice sheets here, but the best way is to join my google classroom.  It is an easier format to communicate with me and get the information like CQ and SP but also valuable updated links to online instruction.  If you haven't recieved an invite in your muhschrome email, then please email me and I will get one sent out.  I currently have 85% of this years students in the classrooms.

I am super bummed that I wasn't able to finish the school year with you all.  we had cool labs to do, memories to make and most of all I missed saying great job and goodbye.  The goodbyes are never easy for me, but having that ability taken away is even worse.

Stay safe, and once this is all over, you are welcome to come say hey or just drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you and make sure you are doing well.

Stay Safe,

Mr. Densmore